Eastern Peleponnese Sailing Holiday

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2 Week Holiday

Eastern Peloponnese Sailing Area - Map

Eastern Peleponnese

Porto Heli

Porto Heli, North from Spetses, is the large bay on the mainland, more than 1 kilometre across. It is not typically Greek but nevertheless has a couple of good tavernas ashore and we have had some fun here just sailing around in the bay. Porto Heli provides very safe anchorage to shelter from bad weather. At the entrance to Porto Heli are some attractive small bays to anchor for a lunch stop and swimming, particularly around the small island of Khinitsa.

Anchorages around Porto Heli

Heading North around the coast from Porto Heli the first bay that we arrive at lies behind the island of Korakonisia. This bay really is a hidden gem with wonderful surroundings and normally free from too many neighbouring yachts. The bay is sheltered from the prevailing South wind which make this a perfect overnight stopover. A little further North, around the headland of Thinni, there are several anchorages, some with tavernas ashore on their sandy beaches.


A short distance heading North East from Korakonisia is the port of Koilada. This is the working port for the large fishing fleet and not only another good place to shelter during bad weather but also a good place to enjoy the local catch in one of the many tavernas.



Khaidhari is an attractive little town, rather off the beaten track, with good tavernas on the waterfront. The entrance into this small islet through the cliffs is rather impressive and well worth a visit.


A short distance West and we arrive at the small harbour and sandy beach of Tolon. The harbour is so small that we would normally have to anchor-off here. It is a friendly place to visit but because of the sandy beach it has become very touristic with many hotels around the attractive bay. But we are on our own private yacht and can anchor in the secluded bays around the islands of Tolon and Koronisi just 100 metres from the town.


Tucked up into the North of the Argolic gulf is the town of Nafplion. Before Athens, Nafplion was once the capital city of Greece. Unfortunately the harbour itself is not at all attractive but once you take a tour around the narrow cobbled streets of the town, see the architecture and the mansions covered with Clematis and Bougainvillea, walk up the 1,000 steps to the Venetian citadel, then you will see the beauty of Nafplion and understand why the harbour is always busy with tourists and often visited by large cruise liners.



Ten miles South South West from Nafplion on the Western side of the Argolic Gulf we arrive at Astros. Its long sandy beach and bustling fishing harbour make it a popular spot with tourists. The fertile lands around the village are abundant with citrus fruit orchards and the short walk up to the medieval castle on top of the hill provides beautiful views over the gulf.
Heading down the coast of the Peloponnese towards Tyros are a few pleasant anchorages to stop off for a swim in calm weather.



Like Astros, Tyros is very popular with tourists during the summer months. The long, pebbled beach is dotted with bars and tavernas but the area of the harbour where yachts are moored is a little more peaceful and well protected from the prevailing afternoon sea breeze.



Sabatiki is a tiny fishing port situated on the headland just South from Tyros and visited by very few yachts. The new harbour was only built recently and is mostly filled with local fishing boats. This is a very peaceful place for an overnight stop.



Leonidhion is a very pleasant and unspoilt little hamlet with some good tavernas around the harbour waterfront for your evening meal. There is a beautiful, pebbled beach outside the harbour to the North. This is a great place for swimming and to lie on the pebbles and be massaged by the surf. On the beach there are a couple of peaceful bars where you can sit and enjoy a “sundowner” before dinner.


The spectacular bay of Kyparissi has a choice of mooring areas. On the North is the quiet pier of St. Nicholas with a small beach opposite. There is a taverna near to the pier and the village is a 2 mile walk around the bay. Chapel Cove is a peaceful anchorage on the South with a pleasant walk around to the village. The village pier is small. If we are lucky we will find a place to moor or we can drop the anchor just off the pier. Kyparissi village is a lovely, friendly and unspoiled place with a selection of bars and tavernas and well worth an overnight stay if you don’t mind the swell.


Continuing South down the coast of the Peloponnese we arrive at Ieraka, with ruins of an acropolis at its impressive entrance. Ieraka is a sleepy hamlet nestled between the high cliffs. There are a couple of good tavernas.


Further South and around the headland is Monemvasia, the jewel of the Eastern Peloponnese. This Byzantine, stone village is impressive and is a must to walk around. There are many good tavernas. If you can manage the climb, go up to the church of St. Sophia which stands on the edge of a sheer cliff. The view over the rooftops of the village and out to sea is well worth it. Monemvasia is joined to Yefira on the mainland by a narrow causeway; the small fishing harbour here is a great place to sit for an evening meal and taste the locally produced sweet red wine.

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