Heading home to Aegina

It always feels like home as we approach Aegina Harbour and see the small church of St Nicholas at the entrance. Our beautiful yacht Flâneur is now launched with clean sails and a clean bottom and she is ready for the season ahead. The Spring has sprung, the grass is riz… and Spring is in the air here on Aegina Island. The mountains are covered in tiny, vivid-coloured flowers, the fruit trees are in blossom, there’s a preponderance of plump, female expectant cats, the cranes are building their nests and the swallows have returned to keep those annoying mosquitos at bay. As the days become warmer it is bliss, once again, to be able to sit outside, watch the sunsets over the mountains and the sea and while away the longer evenings. The Port of Aegina is bustling as our Greek friends and neighbours prepare for their Easter feast on Sunday of spit-roast lamb, goat and kokoretzi and the traditional magiritsa soup. There’s always so much to enjoy about Greece at all times of the year. Come and join us and become part of this wonderful place and let’s share these magical experiences.

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