“Sweet dreams are made of this”. Sailing in the clear Emerald waters of Greece, what better place to unwind! Sailing however is not without its intense moments of stress. We can say with all honesty this is not the case when sailing with Malcolm on Flaneur. This holiday was equivalent to having your own yacht to sail where and how you please, without the hassle. We have sailed on countless boats with a real variety of skippers and styles. Malcolm has got it right with a fine balance between gentle suggestion and real experience. His main aim was to please and this he did. He looked after us so well, but always with a flexible attitude and humour. So if you love to sail but don’t want the stress and hassle this is to be recommended. The sailing waters of Greece are so lovely, as are the people and the food. What was particularly valued was the freedom to visit the more remote and quieter places. Bravo “ Malky Boy”.
Lyndsay Brown, Debbie Jackson and Lynda Melvin

“What a fabulous experience from start to finish…

My husband and I have been coming to various Greek islands for years, we were sitting watching the flotillas come into Ithaca and it struck us that our own boat trip would be a fantastic and novel way for us to revisit. Most of the websites we found online were quite commercial, expensive and unclear regarding costings. As we had never sailed before and we were also bringing friends, we really liked the concise way aegeonsailingholidays.com was presented, with any additional questions promptly answered by Hattie. The website certainly portrayed a personal service on a great boat, and that was exactly what we all received.

We flew into Athens for the first two nights and Petros, recommended by Hattie, was there on hand to collect us from the airport and transport us down the ferry etc. He was a great help pointing us in the right direction for tickets etc. We took the slow ferry to Aegina and met up with Malcolm and Hattie before heading off into the blue for the first sail…the boat was really spacious, well kept with plenty of room for the 5 of us to move around. The first afternoon sail round to Poros was fabulous and every other day that followed had its own variety and highlights including some dolphins ! We all loved Hydra, shabby chic and sophisticated but the contrast of Vathi was also memorable, along with the Greek amphitheatre and the Pistachio festival in Aegina. Malcolm of course had inside knowledge of all the tavernas so pointed us in the right direction, and on occasions was a welcome addition for dinner as well !

The two things that will stay with us are firstly how beautiful it was at all times of day being on Flaneur, at port watching the sun come down with a G & T or enjoying an early morning coffee. It really felt like a millionaires holiday. Secondly, and more importantly was Malcolm himself. It was our first time sailing but he made us all feel completely safe on the yacht allowing us to get involved if we wanted to, he rustled up some amazing food enjoyed at breakfast and lunch, was patient, discrete, accommodating and rather good company !

We would highly recommend this holiday to our friends and colleagues and sincerely hope we will be back to visit another part of Greece with you. Thanks both for an amazing trip of a lifetime !”

Tracey & Richard Jones, Simon & Fiona Markey - NZ & England

If you want to experience the ancient history of Greece and the Greek Islands and do it in the most peaceful and friendly way – let me introduce you to Skipper Malcolm of Aegean Sailing Holidays.
Having been to Greece once before, my wife and I had high expectations about our visit in April 2017. We had a short, week long trip planned and found Malcolm’s web site very informative.
Malcolm altered his normal holiday sailing agenda to accommodate our wishes. He organised a spacious and very comfortable apartment in Aegina as a base of operations. We were able to explore Aegina Island and to take a quick ferry over to Piraeus and Athens.
The enchanting apartment (large enough for a whole family) was a few steps away from all the coastal shops, restaurants, bakeries, and a short car or moped ride from the historic sites on Aegina Island. Malcolm also provided great suggestions for visiting landmarks on Aegina and in Athens.
After absorbing all the sites by foot in Aegina and Athens, we were ready for sailing through the Greek Islands – And we were not disappointed. Sailing with Malcolm and Hattie was a splendid experience and Flaneur is a very comfortable, superbly equipped performance yacht.
We awoke to a wonderful breakfast each morning, marvelling at the island sites as we cruised by. We thoroughly enjoyed the small quaint ports and explored each village nearby with ancient monuments like the Amphitheatre in Epidavros and the spectacular views from the volcano near Vathi on Methana. Conversing with Malcolm and Hattie enhanced our exploration of these sites as they supplied valuable insight and context regarding the history. Their hospitality and personal connections with people in these ports made us feel that we were welcome everywhere we visited. Relaxing with them in the tavernas and on the boat in the evenings was also a highlight of our trip and a personal touch not offered by other charters.
We would highly recommend the apartment for rental whether you sail with them or not. But, if you enjoy sailing – Malcolm’s vast experience on the water is evident and will enhance your trip ensuring you have an adventure of a lifetime.

Scott & Vicki Behenna, USA
Sailing on Flaneur is first, an aesthetic experience given the beauty of the Baltic 43 boat design, which just invigorates and drives up to the sky any sailor lucky enough to go and sail for a week on Flaneur in the Greek Islands. She sails with such an elegant attitude that you just feel empowered and thrilled to experience such a privilege.
Sailing on Flaneur is second, a very, very smooth experience which sounds a little bit like the Sade song “smooth operator”. Given the level of comfort provided by the Baltic yacht, the quality of her maintenance, inside and out, and the beauty of the sailing environment in the unknown and charming Aegina, Poros, Spetses and Hydra Islands area in late October 2016 where we had the feeling of going through an “Indian summer” in the Greek Islands with a water temperature around 22°, a dream come true for a sailor more used to the water temperature of Belle Ile in Brittany, France.
Sailing on Flaneur third, can provide you too with a feeling of America’s Cup class as Malcolm the skipper is not only a smooth, delicious and formidable companion, but is also keen to race and tack, like if I were back to the good old days of the America’s cup in Newport Rhode Island in the U.S.
Sailing on Flaneur with Malcolm  for one week in the unknown Greek Islands, makes you want to forget the rest of the world, and to go on for the “big blue program” where only the pleasure and the quality of the sailing experience matters. This was a dream come true, and memorable!
Amities, Grégoire Sentilhes
Grégoire Sentilhes
It was such fun ! I dreamed a lot about that sailing during the weeks before, but I must say reality was much over my dreams! Flaneur is a marvellous ship. She’s so graceful in the waves, so brave against the wind, so gentle to drive, and so cosy in the cockpit and inside! And the skipper – you, Malcolm! – is the best one can dream of : discreet, smart, great sailor, secure, always ready to sail and compete. And more than a skipper, a real friend. The souvenir of those days enlight now the Parisian days of work… up to our next sail together in Greece!
Thierry Consigny

I cannot speak highly enough of our week sailing in Greece on Flaneur. The setting is spectacular the boat is beautiful, well maintained and generously equipped; Malcolm is an excellent skipper (and cook!) very relaxed company and happy to allow us dictate the pace of the day and various islands/ports. Over the week we sailed to a number of islands, visited the stunning theatre in Epidavros, climbed the volcano near Vathi and sampled some local brew! The organisation of the holiday was very straightforward and starting from Aegina worked out very well as its a only a short journey from Piraeus by ferry. We genuinely had the most wonderful sailing holiday and I would unquestionable recommend Aegean Sailing Holidays.

The Dublin Crew, September 2016
The two of us had a fantastically enjoyable week’s sailing on Flaneur in late September 2016. Whilst not a new boat, Flaneur is in PERFECT condition thoughout and remarkably well maintained and clearly loved – a lot better than your average charter. I can’t over-emphasize how well Malcolm took care of us for the week; his vast local knowledge proved invaluable, in relation to harbours, moorings, weather, restaurants, local sights etc. He is an excellent sailor and totally diligent; the safest hands imaginable. In my opinion our week on Flaneur was really great value overall, and we will definitely be back. Very highly recommended!
Edward, 25/9/2016
Edward McCloskey
We explored Athens for a few days before deciding to jump on a ferry from Piraeus to Aegina.
We were not due to meet up with Malcolm and Flaneur until Saturday, and found ourselves in Aegina 2 days early with the intention of finding a hotel for a couple of nights.  Aegina is a very busy and exciting port, we walked along the seafront admiring the boats and looking for the right taverna to get some refreshment. When settled we called Malcolm to inform him of our early arrival. Malcolm wasted no time, he came straight over to meet and greet us. TOP TIP arrange accommodation before getting to Aegina as it can be pretty busy at certain times especially weekends.
Amazingly even though the boat was not quite prepared for us as yet Malcolm told us that we were welcome to stay on board for the next 2 nights, a great gesture, we accepted!
Flaneur is a lovely boat, a real head turner. With our cabins chosen and the relief of not having to find accommodation we went off to explore and have a swim.
The 2 days passed fast with Malcolm buzzing to and fro, cleaning and preparing the boat, as well as everyone else’s, he sure knows how to keep busy.
We set sail on the Saturday and headed for Poros which took approximately 3 hours. Wind conditions were reasonable so Malcolm wasted no time in raising the sails. It was very exciting, even if it was a little choppy (for us land lovers anyway)
Our destinations were Poros , Hydra, Bettes bay, Vathi, Epidavros, Agistri bay then return to Aegina.
Each place was different and interesting. Vathi was just a real treat, a tiny little harbour with just a handful of tavernas, extremely Greek, with virtually no other people. In contrast Hydra was busy and vibrant with deluxe shops alongside quaint Greek shops with lots of great bars and restaurants.
Malcolm was a terrific Skipper, very knowledgable, I asked a 100 questions about the boat or about our destination, he always had an answer!  I chuckled to myself sometimes as I imagined how obvious some of my questions were yet Malcolm never got irritated, in fact he was always in control and never got flustered.
We sailed to Bettes Bay where we anchored up for the night, it was a beautiful  little bay, the water was like glass, not a ripple, lovely swimming and playing around with the family while Malcolm made us a fine Greek Salad to start and then cooked up roast chicken and potatoes with a glass of wine, it was delicious.
We listened to some music in surreal surroundings looking up at the Heavens, as the evening drew on the tranquility was immense, with no moon or any other source of light pollution the stars were brighter than we have ever seen, shooting stars and we even saw the Milky Way, then a midnight swim to finish.
That night, and the whole trip will be holiday memories that we will share as a family for the rest of our lives, and Malcolm was very much a part of that.
Thank you Flaneur and a special thank you to Malcolm.
Russ & Sue from Essex with daughters Jasmine (18) and Erin (11) – Sailing  25.8.2016. to 3.9.2016.
Russ, Sue, Jasmine & Erin
Raphael Chevrel de Frileuze
· 18 July 2016
Amazing sailing experience with a wonderful couple. We learned a lot with them and having fun at the same time ! The food was also absolutely delicious. Thanks again Hattie and Malcolm !
Raphael Chevrel de Frileuze
Thank you so much for those lovely sailing days.
It was a real pleasure to sail and spend time with you both.
We hope to sail with you again very soon.
Marie, Raphael, BaBa, Mathieu, Armelle, Clémence
Marie Bouilhet
I cannot recommend a trip on Flaneur highly enough! I went with three friends in September 2015, sailing out from Aegina southwards to places which got more and more stunning as the trip went on. Malcolm the skipper guided our itinerary but allowed us to change plans as we went on making the holiday utterly unique to us. Highlights include G+Ts on the yacht watching glorious sunsets, waking up and jumping in the sea before breakfast, seeing dolphins and turtles, and fabulous meals. But the TOTAL highlight for me was being at the helm in full sail singing Rod Stewart’s ‘We are Sailing’ at top volume! (Malcolm obliges most mad requests!) Having a chance to help sail but also being able to opt out and relax is a real bonus. Malcolm the skipper was amazing, within hours, it was like being on holiday with another friend. He is patient, respectful and never spoils the fun by getting heavy handed with the necessary safety issues. I’ve been to Greece many times, and love it, but experiencing it this way is the proper way to do it! All in all, if you want a great experience in a really beautiful boat (inside and out) Flaneur (and its brilliant skipper) is the one to choose.
Vin Goodwin
I have known Malcolm for a good number of years, he is a fine experienced yachtsman and skipper with all the skills needed to keep a good seaworthy yacht so I feel quite sure any guests on board will enjoy good sailing on his Baltic yacht. Baltic yachts are considered to be one of the more solidly built performance yachts and anyone wanting to sail the Cyclades in the summer meltemi trade winds will be satisfied to know that this yacht is up to the demands as well as being a good performer in more serene waters. Malcolm has raced on board my yacht on occasions and we have had some really exciting and fun times. In fact every time I think back to some races we did back in 2006 it always brings a smile to my face as they are really happy memories of such a wonderful time. Malcolm has sailed with us in company and enjoyed many a good time with our yachts rafted together and coming aboard each others yachts to enjoy some memorable times and meals together. He is good company with the intelligence and good humor to make for a really good holiday. I am sure anyone sailing with Malcolm will enjoy the sailing, the special harbours and anchorages in clear blue waters as well as his company.
George Whitfield. Elenara V, Grand Soliel Maxi One. November 29th, 2015
George Whitfield
In early June 2015 we were lucky enough to sail with Malcolm on Flaneur. One of us is a very experienced offshore racer and the other has some crewing experience. The standard is high, very high, the boat, equipment and skipper all being of exceptional quality and everything was in first class order. Malcolm is very professional, knowledgeable and skillful. Our voyage gave us the opportunity to enjoy a small number of the many islands in the Saronic Gulf and also to appreciate the boat itself. We were fortunate to see a turn in the weather, so were able to ascertain how Flaneur handles in different wind strengths and were not disappointed. Chartering in the Mediterranean can be hit or miss…. there are so many places to choose from, what type of boat? etc. We can confidently state that Flaneur is the best that we have ever chartered. We would have no hesitation in recommending Malcolm and Flaneur to anyone. If you are fortunate enough you may even see dolphins as we did together with a very large turtle. We don’t get to see too many turtles in the Channel Islands!
Ron and Rose
We had the pleasure of spending a week in September 2015 onboard Flaneur with Malcolm. Although a couple of us had some sailing experience, it was a fair few years ago, but with Malcolms’ encouragement and enthusiasm we all became active members of the crew and under his watchful eye we quickly took the helm. So many amazing memories, watching the sunrise with a cup of fresh coffee before jumping off the deck for a morning swim. Hours spent spotting dolphins off the bow wave followed by sundowners on deck. Some evenings were spent in places like Poros and Hydra enjoying shopping followed by supper in local tavernas. Other nights were spent moored in more isolated bays where Malcolm’s local knowledge and friends meant tables brought down onto the beach exclusively for us and enjoying the freshest seafood imaginable. The winds were variable during our week on Flaneur but nothing will beat sailing away from a storm on our last night with the sun setting in the distance and Flaneur doing what she does best- SAIL!
Victoria Woodbridge
Nektarios was absolutely lovely to be aboard with. When sailing, he was professional and very knowledgeable and so I always felt safe. He explained everything well, and taught me an incredible amount in one week. When we weren’t sailing, we would moor in one of the seemingly endless secret spots Nektarios knew of around the area. He was excellent company at all times, and cannot be recommended highly enough as a skipper.
Lucas Stanley
Many thanks to Malcolm as we thoroughly enjoyed our week sailing from Corfu (Ionian) to Aegina. We highly recommend him as a very competent skipper and host. We wouldn’t hesitate to refer Malcolm to our friends, family and clients when looking for an enjoyable and relaxing sailing holiday.
Debbie and Nigel
Malcolm is one of the best skippers I know. I have sailed for many years and to be with Malcolm in the Aegean is an absolute pleasure. You will see some of the most beautiful unspoilt scenery, historical sites and he knows the best places to eat. I would recommend anyone to go sailing with Malcolm. It will be one of life’s most wonderful memories.
Bette Blaney
I will always remember of our amazing sail from Santorini to Poros with very strong winds and high seas. I look forward to sailing again with Malcolm, with some friends too”. Dr. Kandler, Germany
Dr. Kandler (Fox)